Xiphoid Process: How to Diagnose and Treat It Properly?

Not everyone knows about xiphoid process. Indeed, it is an abnormal condition related to bones, especially in the chest. Most people may not realize they have the disorder so we need to talk about a little thing about it.

Xiphoid Process Definition

What is exactly xiphoid process? It is a condition when there is a bony protrusion at the chest is precisely in sternum, cartilage attached to the sternum elongated and caused the bulge. The shape is elongated like a sharp sword, and can be characterized by a small hole. It extends from the lowest ribs attached to the sternum. In this disorder, we find manubrium as part of the chest bone located above it. It may undergo a process of branching and sometimes perforated. So, is this dangerous? Some experts argue that it does not have a negative impact on health. It is evident from the interference that can be experienced since birth. Doctors can recognize and identify it on a baby, with the location under sternum. As a result, it causes lumps and fused to the sternum. In addition, cartilage will be hard between the ages of 15 and 29 years.

There are several symptoms that can be identified as nausea, shoulder pain, tenderness in back, shoulders, chest, epigastric, and severe pain in chest. Ask the doctor to know more about the symptoms.

Well, we already know a little about xiphoid process definition, now, what about the treatments? As mentioned earlier, this is probably not harmful. But, this can cause pain in the chest. It will be increasingly felt when lifting a heavy load or eating. If you experience pain under the sternum, it should immediately consult a doctor. The first inspection uses X-rays to identify disorders and bumps. Later, the doctor will recommend the next solution for xiphoid process.

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Xiphoid Process

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